Monochrome Monday #72 (200th Blog Post!)

Well, I’ll be. Would you take a look at that? How fitting that my 200th blog post would fall on a Monday. And we all know what that means. Monochrome Monday! And I am pleased to announce that I have new material to show for it. And because it’s my 200th post (I somehow had enough words with which to bore [I mean, “entertain”] you all for that many posts), why not throw in some color photos, too, for good measure? I say let’s go for it:

Umbrella Drops

First of all, you should know that it rained yesterday. Thankfully is wasn’t one of Hawaii’s torrential downpours, but it was still a heavy enough rain to soak my poor faux suede flats (those little guys can never catch a break these days). It was also heavy enough to require the use of an umbrella. My umbrella is super cute. I purchased a compact umbrella since there was not conceivably good way to get my industrial sized one to Hawai’i without taking someone’s eye out. So I left my X-large rain dome on a stick at home (and sadly my rain boots, too) and got an adorable compact umbrella instead. It is blue with white clouds on it, and part of it is transparent as seen above. Because I am a total child, I spent more time twirling and playing with my umbrella than actually using it for it’s intended purpose of, you know, guarding against nature’s tears.

And that’s when I realized just how perfect the opportunity was for a little photography.

Umbrella Drops 2

Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m artsy, so I start doing things that normal people don’t do. Like holding up an iPod to my umbrella and taking pictures. I’m sure to the people across the street and the cars passing by, I looked like a total weirdo and an (unintentional) creep (I guess it just kind of happens when your umbrella is part see-through). But because I was that dedicated to the cause, I kept taking pictures anyway while waiting for the bus.

When I was little, I would stare out the car window on rainy days and watch the droplets slide down the glass. I would pretend they were racing one another and cheer for them as one droplet slid into another getting bigger and picking up speed. I felt that same urge yesterday afternoon as I watched the rain hit my umbrella. This time around, though, I also pretended that my umbrella was a trampoline and thumped the fabric/plastic while I watched the droplets jump and dance. I think that’s why I like these photos. Knowing that I was really just playing around was nice. Nothing serious.

Umbrella Drops 3

I like rain. There’s something about Hawaiian rain that I love. It seems so much fresher, so much cooler than Nashville or Berea, though I’d argue that the difference in my mind right now stems mostly from the fact that rain in Hawai’i this time of year feels significantly more refreshing and less painful than winter rain in either Tennessee or Kentucky. But there’s also something about the smell of Hawaiian rain that is different. I can’t decide which I like more. I think I might like the feel of Hawaiian rain but the smell of Nashville or Berea. I could be biased because it often smells very strongly of sewage when it rains here in Honolulu. Anyway.

See? Isn’t my umbrella cute? If I had the appropriate equipment, I would love to spend some time taking photos when it rains. Maybe get some shots of kids (or adults because we’re boss like that) splashing in puddles or water rushing as it floods the streets/sidewalks as water here is prone to do on rainy days. I have a million and one ideas of what to do photo-wise when water is falling from the sky, and one day, I’ll make those ideas happen. But for now, I can’t say I mind much just enjoying the weather simply for the sake of enjoying the weather. It’s been cooler out which has been a nice change of pace. I also feel the need to invest in a kite because it has been windy like no other as of late.

As exciting as rain is and as cool as this 200th post should have been, I am sleepy. It’s 4 am Hawai’i time, and though I have no obligations to fulfill for another 9-10 hours, I am tired. I am also hungry; my body recognizes that it has been 8 hours since our last meal and I should probably go to bed in order to trick my body into thinking we’re not actually in need or want of food (the struggle is real). And so I am off. Happy 200th post, happy rainy day!


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