Year 23

According to the settings on this blog, it is no longer my birthday. According to the time here in Hawai’i, I’ve still got an hour or so left. So I’m still calling it my day. I turned 23 today. I don’t know when I started getting old, but I did and now I’m almost halfway through my twenties. I made a list of things I wanted to do this year, and at the top of that list is my desire to practice more photography. And what would I do today when I went to the beach for a little birthday relaxation? I would start getting back into the swing of things, that’s what. I decided I would share this quick picture with you all in celebration of my birthday and my attempt at fulfilling the items on my list:

Orinoco Flow

I’ve still got it. The magic. The knack. The golden touch with my camera. I’ve also still got the gift of editing. Even though it’s been a while since I’ve truly spent time taking pictures, I think this is a great place to reenter the waters, literally. While at the beach today, there were a lot of boats out on the water and I couldn’t help but to capture some of them sailing by. It reminded me of my sailing trip back in September.

I’ll let this photo speak for itself. It’s been a long day, but an amazing one. Turning 23 turned out to be alright, but now it’s time to curl up in bed and fall asleep to the sounds of something. Maybe a movie, maybe just some music. Either way I’m going to relax as if I was sailing in this picture.

See you all soon with a new Monochrome Monday!


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