Monochrome Monday #73

Good afternoon! I woke up about an hour and a half ago after getting 10 hours of sleep. Not quite sure how I managed that one, but I’ll take it. Anyway. I have a new Monochrome Monday for everyone courtesy of my trip to the beach on Saturday:

At Sea

Story time: my roommate from Russia just found out that there are sharks in Hawai’i. She was at the beach yesterday and some guy said he saw a shark while he was snorkeling. She thought he was kidding at first until she overheard him telling another family with small children. Now my roommate is scared to go back in the water. So my friends and I have been trying to convince her that she has no reason to be afraid because shark attacks are pretty rare in the grand scheme of things, and there’s some very easy preventative steps to take to avoid disaster.

I think about how I was just at the beach and how, despite how close to shore I stayed since I forgot my swim trunks, I willingly waded into the water and didn’t think a thing about getting attacked by a shark. Somewhere deep down, I would have issues with being in open water without a barrier between me and something with enough razor-sharp teeth to rip through my flesh in a single bite with ease, but then there’s the part of me that sees the beauty in that kind of thing (not the ripping of the flesh part but the being in open water with other nonhuman life). And that’s where this photo comes in (cue transition music).

What I like about this photo is all the possibility. It’s where the ocean meets the sky. It’s the possibility of what lies beyond how far the eye can see. It’s the possibility in what’s above the clouds and below the sea. Sharks that really just want to swim, birds that really just want to fly, sun that really just wants to shine. It’s all there. My roommate being more terrified of her own life is typical of human nature or any animal’s nature in all honesty. It’s about survival. But what about the lives of everyone else? What about the life of that shark that is being affected by human life and their lack of care for marine life with their boats and harpoons and pollution? How often do we take the time to learn about those creatures we fear so much? The average person has such a basic, surface understanding of this world. There’s a lot of beauty on the surface, as is evident of the photo above, but what about the beauty in the things we don’t really know – of sharks or life above clouds?

I stood in that water on Saturday unaware of the dangers that could take out my life. Instead, I saw it as a chance to relish in the aesthetics of the world around me. Sure, I wouldn’t particularly like to be attacked by a twenty foot-long shark (or any other shark for that matter), but to fear being out there when they’re more scared of us seems like a good way to put up a wall that will keep us from the beauty that is the ocean and all its possibilities…


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