Midweek Photo

What I love most about hump day is not the act of humping (do people actually do that on Wednesdays) but the fact that I don’t have class. I should probably be reading a play or something productive, but I was awoken at 9 am by the sound of construction taking place outside my window so I feel like I can spend a little time lounging around doing nothing. But in my morning laziness, I figured I could post a quick photo:

Where the Ocean Meets the Shore

I dedicate this photo to all those who find themselves in the coldest winter we’ve had in a while. Whether you’re buried in snow and ice or simply bundled up in a million and one layers, I hope you can ignore any feelings of jealousy about my shorts and tank top wearing and just feel/stay warm. Not an easy feat when pipes are constantly being frozen and snow falls every other weekend. I miss having a real winter, in all honesty. Most people think I’m crazy for wanting that, but I grew up having real seasons and I only get two here in Honolulu (summer and summer with more rain). It’s a different kind of experience. So please enjoy this photo of where the ocean meets the shore and just think of summer. It’s coming. It’ll be here soon enough.

And once it gets here, you’ll probably wish it wasn’t so hot and was winter once more. Or maybe not. Happy Wednesday!

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