Hawaiian Nights

Good evening (or morning for the other side of the country). Here I am living my life, a nocturnal life that sees to it that I am up late doing work related to any and everything (sending rehearsal reports and working on projects). The sad part is that the one assignment I have due this day of Fri was completed and printed yesterday so I should be able to go to bed, right? Wrong! The work of a theatre kid is never done and the struggle is real. But I figured that nightlife can’t be all bad, so I thought I’d share this really grainy photo I took of part of the Honolulu skyline as I walked to rehearsal earlier tonight:

Hawaiian Skyline

Let me first apologize for the poor quality of Apple’s iPhone 3GS camera when it comes to night photos. All of that aside, I’ve got to admit, this sight as I was walking made going to rehearsal and being there for 3 hours worth it. At about 7 o’clock at night, the sun was still in the process of setting. Do you know what that means? Our days are getting longer and summer is coming. Of course, that means a little less for me since I live in a perpetual summer. I mean, Honolulu has two seasons: summer and summer with more rain (we’re currently in the latter). But the majority of this week has been absolutely gorgeous out, a nice change of pace from the rain. And the nighttime air has been just the right temperature to enjoy walking (especially to and from my apartment and the school where we’re currently rehearsing; it’s such a long walk – or feels like it – that I’ve started taking the Night Shuttle to rehearsal so I can be there early and then I walk back).

I know that a lot of Native Hawaiians hate how commercialized Hawai’i has become, and truthfully, I don’t blame them. But sometimes it pays to see the beauty in that kind of thing. The lights against the backdrop of the setting sun, the silhouettes that are created, they’re aesthetic in their own right. Being a night owl has its perks; sometimes we just have to take the time to notice those perks right there in front of us…


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  1. jakesmith7
    Feb 21, 2014 @ 05:26:10

    Honolulu has some stunning skylines – I was there in 2012 on my honeymoon and loved every single second! Thanks for refreshing my memory!


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