Midweek Photo (Vol. 2)

Good evening. If I could find the spare time to breathe and post a Monochrome Monday, I totally would. But rehearsals run my life these days, and I get in after 11 pm every night and after sending emails and getting work done, I shower and go straight to bed. And then I wake up, go to class, and repeat the cycle all over again. Sounds thrilling, right? The life of a theatre kid. But today was a little different. I don’t have class on Wednesdays, and usually I spend that time doing homework in my room or running errands around campus. But today I decided to take myself (and subsequent responsibilities) to the beach.

Wednesday Beach 1

What’s a trip to the beach without snapping some photos? I am already noticing the darkening of my skin from the sun. I was originally going to head to the beach a little later in the day to avoid the direct sun, but I was in such a good mood (because of the excellent interview I had for a job this summer) that I decided to go a little earlier than planned to maximize my time there. But that put me at the beach at noon instead of two which meant the sun was directly overhead. And contrary to the view from my window and my laptop’s weather app, it turned out to be a lot less overcast than expected. As my brother likes to put it, “you look a lot more chocolaty than the last time I saw you.”

Wednesday Beach 2

There’s something so calming about being at the beach with nothing but sand and surf in front of you. Just miles and miles of blue between you and the next land mass. Oddly enough, I got quite a bit accomplished while at the beach which I never would have anticipated because who successfully completes homework while at a place like the beach? But there I was, lying on my Batman beach towel, writing another part of my one-act for my playwriting class.

Wednesday Beach 3

I just realized that I have this post labeled as “midweek photo” as in singular, but there are multiple photos. Does that make me an overachiever? Anyway. It felt nice to finally get off campus for a little while. I’ve been holed up here since my birthday working on these shows and all. I needed the time away. I won’t really have time to do that during this next week once this show opens, but it’s all good.

I hope these photos warm you up. It’s still cold and snowing pretty much everywhere in the US (despite it being spring break in many places) and I’m just like, “What is this snow and ice of which you speak?” Anyway. It’s time for rehearsal (I feel like my life has fallen into a perpetual state of rehearsing). Have a great evening!

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