Happy Saturday. It’s early. I’m here at rehearsal listening to the cast as they review these songs/attempt to stay on beat. But while I wait for some excitement to happen (and by “excitement,” I really mean…actually, I don’t know what I mean), I made an artistic discovery. Not that it’s anything absolutely life changing (or new to life in general), but I thought it was fun. The idea of making new art from other art is something I enjoy. For instance, last summer I took a photo I had taken, mounted it on some nice mat board, and cut it into four squares to make paneled wall art. Genius, right? This time around, I did something different. I have this thing about over-editing photos sometimes just to see what will happen. So please turn your attention to the three original photos below:

The Originals

Three random photos of me. Three random photos of me with the common theme of color (and awesome fun…mostly awesome fun). So what about it? A legitimate question. As I said before, I have this thing about occasionally editing photos so much just to see what happens to them. So I was looking for an online photo editing site that would allow me to do a fisheye effect (because my usual online editing site doesn’t provide it and I’m sadly much too broke to get Photoshop and my fisheye lens is at home), but what I found was one that, instead, let me do this:


Kaleidoscope effect. And I was intrigued by it. One, because this one looks really weird. But I love the lines that were created. I remember having a kaleidoscope as a child. Several actually. They were up there on my list of “cool toys for eyes” like those view-master things. (Just so you know, it took me much too long to figure out what those things were called.) Anyway. Kaleidoscopes were just a fun, visually stunning wonder for the eyes.


So after doing it on the first photo, I started doing it with others. And the results got more exciting. It really is like making a whole new work of art out of something else. A work of awesomely random art.


This one might be my favorite. It looks like a close up of a really awesome snowflake. A Rhondaflake (because that’s my watercolored face). I was like a 2-year old fascinated by this. I know it’s completely random, so thank you for humoring me for a bit. In fact, I’m just going to awkwardly end this post here because I can. :]


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