Taylor’s Spring Shoot

Happy Aloha Friday to you! It’s officially spring break; not that it matters because I have rehearsal everyday during the break. Still, it will be nice not to have class for a week. Then it will be back to the grind to finish out the semester. But that’s not what I came here for. I came here to share some lovely images from yesterday’s photo session with my friend Taylor:

Taylor 1

Let’s begin with a bit of an introduction. That’s Taylor, one of the first friends I made here in Hawai’i courtesy of my roommate. We’re pretty much the same person except that she’s from California and thinks that using vanilla wafers in banana pudding is a crime (which I find blasphemous as a Southern girl). Anyway. We both share a love for Disney and we have a classic hip-hop song for every situation. We’re very much like two peas in a pod despite some of our cultural differences (West Side! South side!); so when she approached me about taking pictures for her (having discovered my photography merely a week or two after we met), I obliged.

DSCN8241 DSCN8242









Taylor and I settled for trip to the beach/park for her first ever modeling session with me. And let me tell you, Hawai’i is one of the best places I have ever been privileged to take pictures. I mean, obviously there are the pictures of the ocean and palm trees and stuff that I take, but when you add a person to that scenery…think of it as the transcendence of all things stunning.

Add on top of that Taylor’s natural beauty and summertime fashion choices, and you get these images. I think I’ve secretly always wanted to take photos on the beach to expand my repertoire. I mean, it’s ridiculously easy to overexpose images here because of the sun and reflection off the water and all. But overall these turned out all right. I mean, my lighting could stand to be a little more even, but for my first time back behind the camera, I’d say I did pretty well.


If ever there was a time to reaffirm how much I need to be a photographer for clothing catalogs and such, it was during this shoot. Remember a long time ago when I said I should be a photographer for companies like Hollister? Yeah, well, I was reminded of that yesterday while photographing Taylor. I’m not even saying that just to make myself sound amazing. I just feel like some of the photos have that magazine kind of feel to them. Especially the one below:


This is probably my favorite image from the entire session. It just screams Delia’s or Forever 21 or something (which makes sense because the dress is from Forever 21). Honestly, I might look into being a photographer for various stores. I don’t know how to go about doing that, but it seems like a cool side job. Anyway, Taylor certainly brought this simple session to life with her easy-going style and natural poses in front of the camera. I barely had to direct her which was good for the both of us (because I hate posing people and it also allows for the model to feel like they’re contributing and not being awkward).

It felt so good to take photos again. I have been craving a session. It’s not easy when I’m always in class or rehearsal. I’ve spent years having big photo shoots during the summer and winter when my friends and I have fewer obligations, but this was certainly an excellent return to one of my favorite pastimes. And who knows, maybe more people in Hawai’i will see these images and ask me to hook them up. Nothing like publicity, right? But for real, I’ve just missed the feel of my camera in my hands.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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