Messing Around

What do you do on an evening when you’re not feeling well (both physically and emotionally)? Lounge in bed and scheme, of course! I’ve not quite been myself the past few days, feeling great on Saturday but succumbing, today, to an overall sense of fatigue, sore feet/joints, and general ickiness (among other feelings of light sadness and residual anger). I resigned to doing nothing more than lying in bed to ease the discomfort of a worn out body and the unpleasant happenings of girlhood. And then I remembered the new pair of mint sunglasses I purchased on Saturday during my afternoon shopping trip with my friend Lauren:

Sunglasses 1

There were probably a million other things I should have done than take selfies, but I figured that these were more than that (I only took 2 to be honest). As I continue working out the details of this summer’s big photo shoot, I figured I would give another hint at the theme. After being vain for all of a minute, I began my hunt for photographic inspiration. This time around, I didn’t find nearly as much as I wanted. But I think, in some ways, it’s because I already have such a strong vision in my head of what I want this shoot to be. Still, I think these sunglasses are a pretty good indicator of what’s to come.

Sunglasses 2

And just in case you needed/wanted the first hint I gave to my Facebook friends, here it is. You know it’s going to be a good time when crafts are involved. Plus, Lauren agreed to be my poster child for all promo materials I use for this shoot since she’ll have to miss the big event (which won’t even be until August) due to her return to Florida. Still, I’m excited that someone else is as pumped as I am.

Can you guess what’s going down this summer at McClish Photo Studios?

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