Summer Photo Shoot Promo (Sneak Peek)

Good evening! At least I hope it’s a good evening for you. I am sitting here on my couch with a fractured foot (yeah, I managed to break my left foot almost a whole year after breaking the right one; I am on a roll…and I should really go to the doctor to see how bad the damage is) and covered in bug bites, but it’s worth it because of what I have to show for my efforts. Well, let me clarify – the broken foot was a thing before I even got back to Nashville but it’s being made worse by the fact that I constantly stand for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. But the bug bites are the result of making the poor decision to wear a tank top, shorts, and flips flops during a photo session with my friend Lauren earlier this week. And it’s that very photo shoot that I came here to give you a little sneak peek of:

I am not ashamed, at the moment, to admit that I am toying with everyone’s emotions when I talk about this summer’s big photo shoot theme without telling anyone anything with enough detail to figure out what’s going on. And truthfully, I love toying around with everyone’s emotions and playing my hand of cards in a very strict formation of secrecy and surprise. Luckily for Lauren, she knows exactly what is happening because she’s not going to be in town for the actual photo shoot. So to make up for it, and to give us another excuse to hang out (as if we really needed it), I decided to make Lauren my poster child for all promotional materials. I like to make fliers to reveal my themes, and this time, I had an idea in mind that was perfect for Lauren. But in the process of developing promo materials, I ended up just enjoying taking photos of Lauren because she makes taking nice photos fun. But I’ll let said photos speak for themselves.

Promo SP 1

Part of what made this session special was that I got to try out the flower crown that I made. That little halo of floral magnificence is the result of hours of hard work and sticky fingers. Let me tell you, floral tape is a pain in the butt to work with. But I’ve always wanted to find a use for flower crowns in my photography, so I decided to make one myself. And truthfully, I loved working with it. It’s something I think will play a major role (prop-wise) in the big photo shoot this summer.

Promo SP 2

One of the things I love about working with Lauren is that she’s always scheming about my photography as much as I am. Lauren (along with my friend Michelle) is the one I bounce ideas off of. She and I are constantly sending each other all kinds of inspiration for photo shoots. She and I alone have created a running list of photo shoot ideas that just need to happen. But her ideas aren’t just limited to themes. Lauren is also really good at helping me find new places to shoot. Though the Warner Parks are nothing new to Nashville natives (there’s no way you could live in Nashville all your life and not at least know where Percy and Edwin Warner Parks are located), I haven’t spent much time there for photography. I told Lauren that I wanted a place with water and she knew exactly what where to go. And that’s what makes Lauren’s photos so great. She’s got a knack for seeing the bigger picture that complements my attention to detail nicely.

DSCN8471 with watermark

I also love how open to getting down and dirty Lauren is. She didn’t hesitate to tell me that she was willing to walk as deep into the creek as I needed her to. She simply said, “do you need me to walk out further?” And then she’d just wade out a little bit more. And like me, she braved being eaten alive for the sake of art (and man, were we eaten alive – I counted ten bites on just one arm). I am more than pleased with how these three images and the others I plan to showcase/use turned out. I think they capture the essence of this summer’s photo shoot theme, and I hope that it gives people an idea of what to expect/look forward to as I make my return to the wonderful world of photography.

Stay tuned for more photos, not just from this particular session, but also from the second session I had with Lauren that was kind of whimsical and the epitome of a fairy tale! Now if you don’t mind, I should probably go shower and elevate my foot so it won’t be overly stiff tomorrow morning. Have a good night!

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