Monochrome Monday #76

Long time no post. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all or my photography. In fact, I think about how much I miss being behind my camera everyday. But work and life’s other obligations have been keeping me busy. Still, I figured that since I had a little time to spare this evening, I would post a new Monochrome Monday.

Flower Child

I begin with a photo that looks similar to one I posted last month. It’s another photo from the promo shoot I had with my friend Lauren before she returned to Florida. I chose this one because of its subtleties. The stillness of the water, the softness of the reflections of the trees, the quiet yet powerful nature of Lauren’s expression.

There’s a lot happening all around us. But how often do we notice the subtle things? Like the way things change only slightly so that you no longer recognize them or the sound the rain makes when it hits the window or the way the light streams through a crack. How often do we notice how we react to others or how we don’t respond to text messages or how we forget to do something we otherwise would normally do. It’s all of those subtle things, the little things we hardly ever really think about, that make life so complex.

This photo isn’t perfect. It’s not really meant to be such. But it is calming, chilling even. It’s suppressed. Mysterious. Poised. But most of all, the subject is beautiful. In all of the various ways this photo can be described, the beauty of it never ceases to be. It changes when you look at it in different ways, but it never stops being a photo of someone beautiful. And I’m learning this summer that my life is the same way. In all of the intricacies that have occurred over the course of two to three months, my life has remained beautiful. I have been uncertain, often times aloof, sad, happy, I’ve felt forsaken, I’ve laughed, cried, been tired…but it is my life and it is marvelous because it is my own. Every little detail from the occasionally inappropriate things some of my campers have said to me at work to the awkwardness of hanging out with my pregnant best friend and her husband to the silence that has wedged itself like an ocean between mother dearest and myself, all of it has defined different portions of my life. And as frustrating or exciting or terrifying or whatever all of those details have been, they have made my life what it is. And it is beautiful. Subtle, but beautiful.


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