Summer Self-Portrait Photo Project

This summer, I am wanting to do something a little out of my comfort zone with my photography. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be sticking with Monochrome Monday, and I’ll be having regular photo shoots as usual, but I’m also working on upping my technique and honing my skills. With that being said, I’m introducing a new page devoted to my Summer 2011 Self-Portrait Photo Project.

If you haven’t heard or seen anything related to the 365 Days photo projects that have bombarded Flickr, then you need to check it out. The original project concept was created by a woman (I’ve sadly forgotten her name) who was suffering from depression. To save herself, she decided to take one photo everyday of something that made her happy based on that day’s events. Since then, several 365 photo challenges have garnered cult followings by photographers everywhere. One of the biggest is that of the 365 self-portrait challenge and its many variations.

I don’t have  the time to commit to a whole year just yet (what with school and work), but for this summer, I’m going to do my own variation of the 365 Days photo challenge. Everyday of summer 2011 (from Monday June 6th, when I actually started, to sometime in early August – right before my life gets extremely hectic again before the new school year), I’m going to post one photo a day documenting my life and hopefully increasing my photography skills/techniques. This is more for myself than anyone else, but I think it would be nice to share, especially with my readers and friends, etc.

If you want to try it, too (whether everyday for a year or once a week or twice a month, etc.), go ahead. The 2 main rules are simple: you MUST be in the picture somehow (how is up to you), and you can only settle on ONE FINAL photo per day (meaning you can take as many pictures as you want on any given day, but you can only use ONE photo per day as your final result). Like I said; it’s easy.

I’m not entirely certain how I’m going to go about doing this right now, meaning I don’t know if I’m going to just post the pictures or make a slide show that I’ll edit everyday. But for now, I’ll just post the pictures. I hope you all enjoy this little experiment, and I hope you’ll try it out, too. For me, this is about loving and embracing myself and spreading that love (flaws and all) to others. Good luck and happy summer!

Day 1 (Mon. June 6, 2011):

“F**kin Perfect” – When I’m feeling like my whole life is crashing around me, I pull out my iPod. With headphones in and music blaring, I drown out my troubles and remember that I can get through anything.

Day 1 - Mon. June 6

Day 2 (Tues. June 7, 2011):

“Popsicle Thief” – I’ve spent the entire month of May cleaning the dorm I live in, and if there is anything my fellow staff member and I have told the residents, it’s been to label their food in the refrigerators in the kitchenettes. If you don’t label your food, then you’re basically saying it’s fair game. So imagine our surprise when we were closing down the kitchenettes and found a giant bag of unlabeled Popsicles…if they haven’t been claimed in the morning, I’m taking those suckers for my own.

Day 2 - Tues. June 7

Day 3 (Wed. June 8, 2011):

“Move-in Day” – 4 straight hours of cleaning + 1 hour helping a friend move her stuff into her new room on the top floor of an elevator-less building + 1 hour trying to bunk two beds = sore feet (aka: utter exhaustion). And I’m still not entirely done moving yet…

Day 3 - Wed. June 8

Day 4 (Thurs. June 9, 2011):

“Summer Labor Training” – I switched jobs for the second summer term at school. First day of training went well, and I think I’ll enjoy the job. So many papers…

Day 4 - Thurs. June 9

Day 5 (Fri. June 10, 2011):

“Shadows” – Second day of training, and what did I get to do? Take headshots for my staff’s ‘About Me’ posters! The first time I’ve (technically) been paid to do photography. And in between photos, my shadow and I got acquainted. Early morning put my shadow right in front of me to see. :]

Day 5 - Fri. June 10

Day 6 (Sat. June 11, 2011):

“Fisheye-Storm-Day” – Last night, my friend asked me to help her edit one of her photos. We decided to try a fisheye effect (which I taught to myself) in Photoshop. Then today, it started storming right before my training session ended. I had to walk back to my dorm, raindrops covering my glasses. What started out as me wanting to capture the droplets on my glasses with my eyes in the background turned into this fisheye practice instead.

Day 6 - Sat. June 11, 2011

Day 7 (Sun. June 12, 2011):

“Human Tyranny” – My day consisted of sleeping in (for the first time in 5 or so days, and almost by accident), doing laundry, unpacking (finally), watching a skateboarding competition, and eating smiley face gummies. Despite eating them, they continue smiling back at me. Yes, it’s human tyranny at its finest.

Day 7 - Sun. June 12

Day 8 (Tues. June 14, 2011):

“Dr. Seuss” – The theme for my job this year is Dr. Seuss, so of course I had to enjoy my childhood and read some of his books. I like being a kid, especially when I get to read awesome literature.

Day 8 - Tues. June 14

Day 9 (Wed. June 15, 2011):

“Rear-view Mirror” – Whilst riding in the van we use for work, I noticed that we have one of those cameras in the rear to let you see things behind you while the car is in reverse. At first, the idea was to capture a picture of me standing in the back via the actual screen, but that picture came out a little too blurry, so instead, I got this side mirror shot.

Day 9 - Wed. June 15

Day 10 (Thurs. June 16, 2011):

“Macro Reflections” – I actually had trouble deciding on a final portrait for today because two of them were pretty awesome. I’m starting to find myself in this phase of photography in which I want to capture images through reflective surfaces (and I have amazing ideas for that this summer). I spent a great deal of time with my new friend Brittney, and after enjoying a day full of mishaps and adventure, I decided to put my Macro setting to the test to achieve the beloved (and at times a little infamous) sunglasses shot. My next task? Get a fisheye lens and try a sunglasses shot then. =]

Day 10 - Thurs. June 16

Day 11 (Fri. June 17, 2011):

“Practice Bubble” – I’m starting a little work on bubble photography (read: capturing bubbles on camera), and I spent an hour at work trying to do a bubble self-portrait. Sadly, today was windy, thus making that task nearly impossible, so I settled for this instead. Better luck next time, eh?

Day 11 - Fri. June 17

Day 12 (Sat. June 18, 2011):

“Berea College” – The college bookstore had a sidewalk sale this weekend, and for once, they sold clothing at an affordable price. $5 sweatpants (more like Bermuda shorts) and laying in bed all day watching Netflix? Yes please.

Day 12 - Sat. June 18

Day 13 (Sun. June 19, 2011):

“Father’s Day” – Happy Father’s Day to the greatest man I have ever had the chance to know. I miss you lots Daddy, and I hope you and Mama are proud of the woman I am trying to become. I love you.

Day 13 - Sun. June 19

Day 14 (Mon. June 20, 2011):

“Taping Raymond” – Like Google and Zappos, my job promotes synergy and creates an innovative work environment for all employees. There are great benefits, fun activities, tasty Kool-Aid, and most of all, staff bonding. This is why I love going to work everyday. =)

Day 14 - Mon. June 20

Day 15 (Tues. June 21, 2011):

“Home” – My first day of summer has been marked by my incessant listening to the song Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. I always jam to my iPod when walking to class or work, and this song has basically been on repeat all day. “Ah, home. Let me come home. Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Day 15 - Tues. June 21

Day 16 (Wed. June 22, 2011):

“Fee Glade” – After a little time spent taking pictures of some of the flowers in Fee Glade, I decided to get myself caught in the mix. I have to walk through it everyday anyway…

Day 16 - Wed. June 22

Day 17 (Thurs. June 23, 2011):

“Blockus” – This is half of how I get to spend my days everyday: playing games. It’s fun to say the least (even though I don’t look like I’m having fun in this picture. But trust me, I was. Pam and I were working hard to figure this out).

Day 17 - Thurs. June 23

Day 18 (Mon. June 27, 2011):

“Screen Time” – After taking the weekend off from my self-portrait project to give my camera a rest and charge my batteries and such, I returned to picture taking (and work) to some free time. And what do I do in my free time? Spend countless hours staring at my computer screen. It’s actually a habit I really want to break. In my defense, though, I spent today’s screen time searching for new photography techniques to try. I’m really excited. =)

Day 18 - Mon. June 27

Day 19 (Tues. June 28, 2011):

“Sunsets and Rooftops” – Ashley, Molly, and I decided to take a walk around town and enjoy the beautiful weather since it’s been dreary a lot as of late. While walking through Old Town, we noticed that we had easy access to the roof of a building. Needless to say, we jumped on that opportunity, especially Ashley, who took the opportunity to wave at every single car that drove by.

Day 19 - Tues. June 28

Day 20 (Wed. June 29, 2011):

“I Want a Picture With the Cow” – I think this is pretty self-explanatory. There was a giant cow. I wanted a picture with said giant cow. Who wouldn’t want a picture with a giant cow?

Day 20 - Wed. June 29

Day 21 (Sun. July 3, 2011):

“Adventures with the Littlest Latina” – After another 3 days of not taking pictures, I actually spent the early afternoon hours out on a photo shoot with my Guatemalan friend (whom I call “the Littlest Latina” because she is tiny…and Latina…), Felicita. One of our stops included the foliage of one of our many field-like areas (aka Fee Glade pictured on Day 16). I noticed that the drainage system actually looked really cool, so I had my photo taken. Yes, it’s my legs, but there was lots of sun and I was wearing shorts, so you can imagine how tan I’ll be (never mind the fact that I’m already permanently tan year round)…

Day 21 - Sun. July 3

Day 22 (Tues. July 12, 2011):

“Mourning Voldemort” – The much anticipated release of the final installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise is vastly approaching, and of course I’m going to be attending the midnight premier this coming Thursday night. In celebration of such a grand occasion, my friends and I have been watching an HP film per night in our week long movie marathon. We’re also going to be making butter beer to drink the night before. But best of all, we’re making hilarious t-shirts. Braving 90 degree weather and horrid fumes is just what we do in honor of the late Lord Voldemort.

Day 22 - Tues. July 12

Day 23 (Wed. July 13, 2011):

“Fisheye World” – For those who actually read this and really care to keep up with it, you’re going to be the first to hear about my latest surprise. I purchased a fisheye [wide angle] lens for my camera! I’m really excited. I’ve still got to figure out how to really use it to my advantage, but here’s just a little taste of the wide-angle, slightly curved view from my brand new fisheye. =D

Day 23 - Wed. July 13

Day 24 (Thurs. July 14, 2011):

“Midnight Premier/End of an Era” – Which girl was in line for the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at 8 p.m.? Me! Decked out in a homemade HP t-shirt and hoodie, I was one fan ready for the most epic movie of my generation. Yes, it’s the end of an era, and particularly the end of my childhood, but it was so worth it. An absolutely incredible experience and journey that I will never forget.

Day 24 - Thurs. July 14

Day 25 (Sat. July 16, 2011):

“Park Sun” – Had quite the adventure today. Went swimming, had lunch at Mainstreet Cafe, then hung out at the park for a little while. Sun kissed skin, good friends, and smiles. That’s the recipe for dispelling some of the sadness I’ve been experiencing lately.

Day 25 - Sat. July 16

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  2. Mrs. Gina Kelley
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 22:22:07

    Nice work! Keep at it.


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