Third Time’s the Charm (Anniversary Special)

My oh my, look how far we’ve come. Normally a Monochrome Monday would be here, but today is a special day. As has been the tradition, and really it’s just my personality in general to celebrate things, I like to do a special post for special days. And today is the third (yes 3rd) anniversary of this here photography blog! (By Hawaiian standards, it is still the 24th, so we’re rolling with that. This would have been posted sooner, but I was still doing rehearsal related activities even 3 hours after rehearsal ended.)


Happy Belated Blog-iversary! (Anniversary Special)

Good evening! So I know that today is Monday which usually constitutes a new Monochrome Monday post, but yesterday was a very special day, and because I’ve been busy prepping for a wedding that wasn’t supposed to happen for another month and rehearsing for a friend’s directing final, I totally didn’t get to post. So I’m doing it today because yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my blog! And to think, I’ve somehow managed to keep this up for as long as I have. Crazy! And like last year, I have a special post to celebrate: More

One Year, One Million Dreams And Counting (Anniversary Special)

My oh my. We have finally done it, dear readers. We have reached an amazingly special day, the one year anniversary of my McClish Photography Studios blog. Honestly, I never thought I would actually keep up with blogging for this long (and it’s not like one year is really all that long in comparison to other things. I mean, Facebook has been around for 8 years. The Titanic sank 100 years ago…which explains why they feel the need to re-release the 1997 film in 3D…I think you see where I’m going with this). I first created this blog for kicks, but then I started building a loyal following, and I grew to truly enjoy posting every week (or as close to every week as possible). Now here we are, a couple of thousand views and a dozen comments and likes later, and this blog has reached its first birthday. I am beyond thrilled. So in celebration of such a feat, I have a HUGE post for you all filled with some photographic memories, some thank you shout outs, and even a surprise. So please enjoy this day with me. You all, my readers, are what keep this blog going. So this is for you: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #6: Mary Jane

It’s finally Friday! I live for Fridays, but then again, what student doesn’t? I am especially living for the next two Fridays with their cancelled classes and fun adventures. And the fact that I have survived yet another week of classes is definitely worth celebrating (despite the major academic setback that arose on Tuesday). And what better way to celebrate than with a new anniversary special? It’s the last one before tomorrow’s big happy birthday blog post! It’s going to be HUGE! But first, we must get through today, and I have a wonderful post for you featuring the one and only Mary Jane: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #5: Charli & Skye

Thursdays are so long! I feel like I’m going to die with all I have to do today. I wish that I could say that I would get to call it quits once the school year ends in 6 weeks, but I’m taking a class over the summer (and by over the summer, I really just mean a 4 week course during the month of May). Summer is going to be pretty laid back…if I ever make it there. But until then, how about another post in our week-long anniversary celebration? Today’s models are Charli and Skye: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #4: Michelle & Kate

Happy hump day! Please don’t actually go around humping people. I doubt very many people would like that (ok, that is a lie. I can name quite a few dozen people who would enjoy that, but I’d just go ahead and avoid the lawsuit from that one unsuspecting victim who just wasn’t feeling your friendly…public display of affection). Anyway. Day number 4 of the one year anniversary extravaganza is ready for posting. Today it’s all about Michelle and Kate: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #3: Julie

Good Tuesday to you. I hope this post finds you well. Spring break spoiled me. I had forgotten how ridiculously busy my Tuesdays and Thursdays were until I had to wake up for my 8 a.m. class and go nonstop all day with classes and meetings. And I’m just getting started. I just got back from playing disc golf in my Volleyball and Recreational Games class (which doesn’t sound as bad until I point out that it’s already 75 degrees outside), but I still have so much left to do. I wish that it was spring break again. But never fear, I have still found the energy to post the next daily special. And today’s post will focus solely on my most dramatic model – Julie: More

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