Great Expectations

Well well well. Long time no post. It has been quite the busy summer for me. Working with children was exhausting but totally rewarding. Trying to see as many of my friends as possible while in town was challenging but worth spending time with those I did get to see. Experiencing the beginnings of a potential quarter-life crisis was unwanted…still is, actually. Anyway, I return to my ever-far-away island in just a matter of days. Today was laundry day #1 because I should probably consider packing rather than waiting until the absolute last possible minute. But because I sprained my ankle pretty badly at work last week, I am having a hard time maneuvering large baskets of clothing up and down the stairs to the washer and outside to our clothes line. So I’ve called it a day after finishing two out of three loads. In the mean time, as I ice my ankle, I figured I’d update the world on some of the photography I’ve managed to squeeze in this summer: More


Happy Saturday. It’s early. I’m here at rehearsal listening to the cast as they review these songs/attempt to stay on beat. But while I wait for some excitement to happen (and by “excitement,” I really mean…actually, I don’t know what I mean), I made an artistic discovery. Not that it’s anything absolutely life changing (or new to life in general), but I thought it was fun. The idea of making new art from other art is something I enjoy. For instance, last summer I took a photo I had taken, mounted it on some nice mat board, and cut it into four squares to make paneled wall art. Genius, right? This time around, I did something different. I have this thing about over-editing photos sometimes just to see what will happen. So please turn your attention to the three original photos below: More

Eyes of a Child Look #4: Corey

Happy Thursday! I like Thursdays. I only have one class which ends before noon. I don’t have work (technically), and I get to enjoy a decent amount of free time. My schedule for this semester is amazing. Because of this, I am able to post for you now which makes me happy! So here we go: More

Eyes of a Child Look #1: Lauren

I’m back! Happy Friday! I probably should have gone to work today, make some extra money and all, but I chose to run some errands and lay in my bed all day instead. This is, after all, one of my last few days of freedom for a while (and by “a while,” I really mean for the next 2.5 months or so…oh, the life of a theatre major/RA…). But I figured that I’d get a head start on posting some of these photos for you from my most recent photo session, so why don’t we take a happy little look at that below: More

Flight of the Balloons (Part 2)

Oh hey, there! How’s it going? Hope all is well as you beat the heat and stay dry (assuming you’re actually getting any rain…which we just got hit with momentarily in “Little Town That Nobody’s Heard Of,” Kentucky…and of course I would be outside working when the downpour happened). As a bit of a midweek treat, I’ve finally got the second extensive look at my photo shoot with Felicita from what now feels like ages ago (and by “ages,” I really just mean 2 weeks). So how about it? Go on and indulge yourselves below (you know you want to): More

Flight of the Balloons (Part 1)

Good day to you all, dearest readers. There is some bad news I must share: Andy Griffith passed away this morning. As a child, when I wasn’t watching cartoons, I was watching television classics from I Dream of Jeannie and The Dick Van Dyke Show to, yes, The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock. Mr. Griffith was a big part of my childhood, and his passing is a tad sad. But moving onward. It is finally here: the much-anticipated first extensive look at the Flight of the Balloons photo session that I had with Felicita last week. I am no longer going to tease you all with little snippets. Below you will find some of my favorite edits from the shoot. I guess, for the time being, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves and tell you their stories: More

Flight of the Balloons: Sneak Peek #2

I just couldn’t help myself! Two posts in one day! There are just so many wonderful photos to choose from and post for display! The response I’ve gotten here on the blog and on Facebook has been overwhelming. Like my Pumped Up Kicks photo shoot from January, I’ve been hit hard with notifications. It’s nice to know that these images that I have fallen in love with in only the span of 24 hours have made other people smile, too. So without further ado, here is another little sneak peek of my Flight of the Balloons session with Felicita: More

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