Great Expectations

Well well well. Long time no post. It has been quite the busy summer for me. Working with children was exhausting but totally rewarding. Trying to see as many of my friends as possible while in town was challenging but worth spending time with those I did get to see. Experiencing the beginnings of a potential quarter-life crisis was unwanted…still is, actually. Anyway, I return to my ever-far-away island in just a matter of days. Today was laundry day #1 because I should probably consider packing rather than waiting until the absolute last possible minute. But because I sprained my ankle pretty badly at work last week, I am having a hard time maneuvering large baskets of clothing up and down the stairs to the washer and outside to our clothes line. So I’ve called it a day after finishing two out of three loads. In the mean time, as I ice my ankle, I figured I’d update the world on some of the photography I’ve managed to squeeze in this summer: More

Summertime Sadness: More Photos from Makapu’u

I’m not really sad, I’m just listening to Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” (which is such a perfect soundtrack when reading this post).

But anyway.

I’ve finally regained normal feeling in my body. It took almost a week, but it’s nice to be able to move without wincing in pain. As you probably recall from this week’s Monochrome Monday, I went on a crazy adventure to the Makapu’u tide pools. While there, I got the chance to take some incredibly fun photos with my new waterproof Nikon. And as usual with me, some of the best photos I take are accidents. Check it out below: More

Eyes of a Child Look #3: Michelle

I know. I know. There was no Monochrome Monday yesterday. I’m aware. RA training is over, and classes start tomorrow. Last week was super hectic, I got to use a walkie-talkie and help direct traffic during freshmen move-in day over the weekend, and the past two days have been spent making rounds all across campus greeting all of my friends before I embark on my last year as a college undergrad. Needless to say, I’ve been ridiculously busy (I’m still not even done unpacking/decorating my room yet). So to make up for having been away for so long, how about another look at my most recent photo shoot? Here we go: More

Eyes of a Child Look #1: Lauren

I’m back! Happy Friday! I probably should have gone to work today, make some extra money and all, but I chose to run some errands and lay in my bed all day instead. This is, after all, one of my last few days of freedom for a while (and by “a while,” I really mean for the next 2.5 months or so…oh, the life of a theatre major/RA…). But I figured that I’d get a head start on posting some of these photos for you from my most recent photo session, so why don’t we take a happy little look at that below: More