Something New: Felicita’s Beach Shoot

There comes a time in an artist’s life where they enter a sort of metamorphosis, if you will. Just as great musicians alter their sound or a painter embraces a new technique over time, photographers often experiment with new locations, new models, new equipment, and new styles. In nearly six years as a practicing photographer, I have come a long way. Though many things have stayed the same (like my equipment and my love of portraits), lots has changed. The quality of my images, the number of images I take and have to weed through, my intentions…and that’s exactly what my most recent photo shoot showcases. But it wasn’t an easy photo session, and I want to provide some insight as to the what, how, and why behind this slight “MPS makeover.” Take a look: More


That Hawaiian Life

Oh my goodness. Am I actually blogging right now? Well, hello there. Long time no see. We can attribute nearly all of my lack of dedication to blogging and picture taking to quarter-life crises and the start of yet another school year. Mostly the latter at the moment. But I figured that, since I had the time this morning, I would post just a few pictures from the start of the school year as a reminder that my passion has not been forsaken and that I miss being behind a camera (any camera) greatly. More

Messing Around

What do you do on an evening when you’re not feeling well (both physically and emotionally)? Lounge in bed and scheme, of course! I’ve not quite been myself the past few days, feeling great on Saturday but succumbing, today, to an overall sense of fatigue, sore feet/joints, and general ickiness (among other feelings of light sadness and residual anger). I resigned to doing nothing more than lying in bed to ease the discomfort of a worn out body and the unpleasant happenings of girlhood. And then I remembered the new pair of mint sunglasses I purchased on Saturday during my afternoon shopping trip with my friend Lauren: More

Photographic Progression

I really want to use the word “smorgasbord” in a sentence, but I can’t find a suitable reason to use it save for my desire to say it. And I guess I technically just said it, but I wanted to make it cooler than just telling you that I wanted to use “smorgasbord” in a sentence. But changing up my vocabulary is not why I came here this evening. I came here to talk about photography seeing as this is, in fact, a photography blog. Because it is such, it would thus make sense for me to discuss, you know, photos and stuff (I’m rambling. I’m tired). Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we: More


Happy Saturday. It’s early. I’m here at rehearsal listening to the cast as they review these songs/attempt to stay on beat. But while I wait for some excitement to happen (and by “excitement,” I really mean…actually, I don’t know what I mean), I made an artistic discovery. Not that it’s anything absolutely life changing (or new to life in general), but I thought it was fun. The idea of making new art from other art is something I enjoy. For instance, last summer I took a photo I had taken, mounted it on some nice mat board, and cut it into four squares to make paneled wall art. Genius, right? This time around, I did something different. I have this thing about over-editing photos sometimes just to see what will happen. So please turn your attention to the three original photos below: More

First Day of Spring

Well hello, everyone. Happy first day of spring! Before we jump down my throat about yet another short photo drought, please know that I have a legitimate excuse. I was in the throes of tech week (aka hell week) and the opening/closing of the show that I was stage managing. There’s no time for anything aside from class when I’m in the midst of a production. But I figured that I would share a very wonderful announcement (at least I think it’s wonderful) with you all: More

Year 23

According to the settings on this blog, it is no longer my birthday. According to the time here in Hawai’i, I’ve still got an hour or so left. So I’m still calling it my day. I turned 23 today. I don’t know when I started getting old, but I did and now I’m almost halfway through my twenties. I made a list of things I wanted to do this year, and at the top of that list is my desire to practice more photography. And what would I do today when I went to the beach for a little birthday relaxation? I would start getting back into the swing of things, that’s what. I decided I would share this quick picture with you all in celebration of my birthday and my attempt at fulfilling the items on my list: More

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