Shattered Comfort Zones (Sneak Peek)

This won’t take long; it’s time for bed. But I wanted to go on and throw it out to the universe/blogosphere that earlier this afternoon, my entire world as a photographer was completely shattered. I don’t typically do anything risqué (more like never) and, honestly, I haven’t really thought much about it given that the bulk of my photography has just naturally been things like senior pictures and quirky themes my friends and I come up with when we’re bored. But this time around, I was asked to try something that was not only new to me, but new to my model (now a seasoned pro as far as McClish Photography Studios goes) as well. I want to discuss it in-depth once I have the time to really sit and write about it, but until then I figured I would pretty much just drop the bomb, let it fester, and see what happens. Today, I conducted my first ever swimsuit photo shoot: More

Messing Around

What do you do on an evening when you’re not feeling well (both physically and emotionally)? Lounge in bed and scheme, of course! I’ve not quite been myself the past few days, feeling great on Saturday but succumbing, today, to an overall sense of fatigue, sore feet/joints, and general ickiness (among other feelings of light sadness and residual anger). I resigned to doing nothing more than lying in bed to ease the discomfort of a worn out body and the unpleasant happenings of girlhood. And then I remembered the new pair of mint sunglasses I purchased on Saturday during my afternoon shopping trip with my friend Lauren: More

Autumn 2.0

As has been previously mentioned in former posts, I’m testing my hand at achieving more professional looking photography. This past weekend proved to be a great kick-off to my hobby self-improvement plan. You’ve already seen some of the best from my shoot with Felicita. As an added bonus, I got in another day of practice with a new model: my friend/co-worker, Erin. Check it out: More

Captivating Eyes

Every so often a photographer comes across a model with a stunning physical feature. And when said photographer comes across said model, it only makes sense to capture those features and make the most of that beauty. Luckily for me, I am one of those photographers who has friends who act as models, and a few of them have amazing eyes. More