Monochrome Monday #77

Nearly 4 months later and I have finally come out of hibernation. I will begin by saying that I never intended to go that long without posting. Fall 2014 was the craziest semester I’ve had in a while, and with winter break coming to a close and spring classes starting next week, I figured I’d take this opportunity to get myself back on track. Welcome to 2015! A brand new year and another chance to get this whole photography and blogging thing right and back in action. I have already vowed to my little piece of the world on Facebook that I would be working towards more photography in 2015 since 2014 decided to be the year of little-to-no downtime. But I’m making the vow here, too, because I miss blogging and being behind the lens. With that said, I figured I’d start the new year with a Monochrome Monday because I haven’t done one of those in ages: More

Monochrome Monday #76

Long time no post. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all or my photography. In fact, I think about how much I miss being behind my camera everyday. But work and life’s other obligations have been keeping me busy. Still, I figured that since I had a little time to spare this evening, I would post a new Monochrome Monday. More

Monochrome Monday #75

Good evening! It’s been a while since my last Monochrome Monday, but things worked out in my favor to present one to you today. So let’s hop to it: More

Monochrome Monday #74

It’s Monday, but it doesn’t feel like it. It could be because of how ridiculously tired I am. I know I’m always like, “children’s theatre is what I want to do with my life,” but then I wake up at 6 am to be at the theatre by 7 am for a 9 am school show, and I regret everything (or rather, I regret staying up until 2 am watching Happy Feet). There has been a performance everyday since this past Thursday, not to mention the week of tech/dress rehearsals right before it. And if I’m tired, I can only imagine how exhausted the actors must be. But I digress. I’m here to (finally) post a new Monochrome Monday which just so happens to be another photo from my recent session with my friend Taylor: More

Monochrome Monday #73

Good afternoon! I woke up about an hour and a half ago after getting 10 hours of sleep. Not quite sure how I managed that one, but I’ll take it. Anyway. I have a new Monochrome Monday for everyone courtesy of my trip to the beach on Saturday: More

Monochrome Monday #72 (200th Blog Post!)

Well, I’ll be. Would you take a look at that? How fitting that my 200th blog post would fall on a Monday. And we all know what that means. Monochrome Monday! And I am pleased to announce that I have new material to show for it. And because it’s my 200th post (I somehow had enough words with which to bore [I mean, “entertain”] you all for that many posts), why not throw in some color photos, too, for good measure? I say let’s go for it: More

Monochrome Monday #71

Aw, photography blog. We meet again. Long time no see, friends. I know. It’s like I disappeared and left you all with nothing to tide you over. No hope, no love. Nothing. And I am so sorry for that. Truthfully, it has been much easier posting on my Hawaiian adventures blog since I always have thoughts going on in my head and wild, senseless rantings to post. But photography has been continually placed on the back burner which sucks because there is so much beauty here, and I feel like I’m doing a disservice to myself, my rusting skills, and you all as my readers by not getting out and making photographic magic. In those regards, I’m sorry that I have failed you all. So I decided to pull a throw back with today’s Monochrome Monday. It’s an old photo, but it’s a good one (I hope): More

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