Shattered Comfort Zones (Sneak Peek)

This won’t take long; it’s time for bed. But I wanted to go on and throw it out to the universe/blogosphere that earlier this afternoon, my entire world as a photographer was completely shattered. I don’t typically do anything risqué (more like never) and, honestly, I haven’t really thought much about it given that the bulk of my photography has just naturally been things like senior pictures and quirky themes my friends and I come up with when we’re bored. But this time around, I was asked to try something that was not only new to me, but new to my model (now a seasoned pro as far as McClish Photography Studios goes) as well. I want to discuss it in-depth once I have the time to really sit and write about it, but until then I figured I would pretty much just drop the bomb, let it fester, and see what happens. Today, I conducted my first ever swimsuit photo shoot: More

Spring Photography Season: Sneaks & Peeks

Morning! I should be asleep, and I’m about to head off to do just that, but before I lay my little head on my pillow, I figured I’d post some images from 6, yes SIX, recent photo sessions (I’m well underway in my photography final portfolio which is why all of these photo shoots are occurring). I’m in the process of editing them all and posting them for the appropriate parties to see, but why not give you guys a little taste of the wonderful things to come on the blog? Take a look below: More

Through the Eyes of a Child: Sneak Peek

Oh, hey guys! Did you miss me? I know it’s been a little while since I last posted; I’ve been on vacation, and now that I’m back on campus with a few days to kill before RA training starts next week, I figured that I’d stay up late (I’m probably going to regret this at some point) to mark my triumphant return to blogging with a sneak peek of my newest photo shoot. This session has been four months in the making, and I can honestly say that it was everything I imagined and then some! So please sit back and enjoy, just for a little while, seeing life through the eyes of a child: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #6: Mary Jane

It’s finally Friday! I live for Fridays, but then again, what student doesn’t? I am especially living for the next two Fridays with their cancelled classes and fun adventures. And the fact that I have survived yet another week of classes is definitely worth celebrating (despite the major academic setback that arose on Tuesday). And what better way to celebrate than with a new anniversary special? It’s the last one before tomorrow’s big happy birthday blog post! It’s going to be HUGE! But first, we must get through today, and I have a wonderful post for you featuring the one and only Mary Jane: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #5: Charli & Skye

Thursdays are so long! I feel like I’m going to die with all I have to do today. I wish that I could say that I would get to call it quits once the school year ends in 6 weeks, but I’m taking a class over the summer (and by over the summer, I really just mean a 4 week course during the month of May). Summer is going to be pretty laid back…if I ever make it there. But until then, how about another post in our week-long anniversary celebration? Today’s models are Charli and Skye: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #4: Michelle & Kate

Happy hump day! Please don’t actually go around humping people. I doubt very many people would like that (ok, that is a lie. I can name quite a few dozen people who would enjoy that, but I’d just go ahead and avoid the lawsuit from that one unsuspecting victim who just wasn’t feeling your friendly…public display of affection). Anyway. Day number 4 of the one year anniversary extravaganza is ready for posting. Today it’s all about Michelle and Kate: More

Anniversary Extravaganza Special #3: Julie

Good Tuesday to you. I hope this post finds you well. Spring break spoiled me. I had forgotten how ridiculously busy my Tuesdays and Thursdays were until I had to wake up for my 8 a.m. class and go nonstop all day with classes and meetings. And I’m just getting started. I just got back from playing disc golf in my Volleyball and Recreational Games class (which doesn’t sound as bad until I point out that it’s already 75 degrees outside), but I still have so much left to do. I wish that it was spring break again. But never fear, I have still found the energy to post the next daily special. And today’s post will focus solely on my most dramatic model – Julie: More

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